Sunday, July 31, 2011

Private Parking Sign for Jay Remer (And You Too)

On Twitter I follow a gent named Jay Remer. Earlier this week Jay tweeted that someone parked in his private spot -- and if memory serves, the offender even took a nap in the driver's seat. Today Jay asked if anyone had ideas for a "private parking" sign. This is my suggestion. Jay, and anyone else who struggles with this problem, should feel free to use this sign.

Signs that yell NO PARKING or NO TRESPASSING seem confrontational, and might even egg on an offender who has something to prove. But our sign gets the point across without pounding its chest. Humor succeeds where yelling fails.


  1. You're most welcome, Jay. Best wishes, and happy parking!

  2. thats a great sign...

    ...another thing for Jay to try is to smeer something unsavoury (such as old sachets of condiments that you pick up in cafeterias) on the drivers door handle.

  3. Thanks, chocolat. Jay is an etiquette expert, so I'm not sure he'd be up for spreading condiments on door handles, but I do love the image. I seem to
    remember James practicing this tactic?

  4. I just read this latest suggestion and burst out laughing. I have opted for the following for the moment: Illegally parked cars will be towed to the low water mark. This seems to be working.