Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weed Etiquette (Don't Bogart That J)

Kate Sedgwick at Matador published a really nice article titled "Worldwide weed etiquette: When is it bogarting?" The article discusses the differences in joint-rolling styles between the U.S. and other parts of the world, and how these differences shape our view of rude and polite group-smoking behavior.

Americans visiting England quickly learn that our cross-Atlantic cousins consider rolling a joint using all marijuana to be excessive, wasteful and slovenly. They prefer the proper spliff, which one constructs by sticking together two rolling papers (using a third to adhere the undersides of the conjoined pair); breaking a cigarette and sprinkling the tobacco over the paper; sprinkling weed over the tobacco; rolling the whole dealie into a slender, elegant J; and finally tearing off a hunk of the cardboard rolling-paper flap and rolling it into a cylinder, which one inserts into the end of the spliff as makeshift filter.

This tobacco/weed hybrid means that passing a J between friends becomes more relaxed. As the article mentions,
If you’re smoking a spliff (pot and tobacco mixed), the mixture is less precious and there’s less concern about wasting bud as you stand around and shoot the shit while it burns. Even the most mellow American stoner is likely to feel a little angst in these moments, watching half the joint burn skyward, the buzz potential that smoke represents harshing a great mel.
Conversely, a visiting Brit might find our joint-rolling method barbaric, and the resultant "puff, puff, pass" rule unfriendly and harried.

This is why I'm interested in civility: It touches every aspect of our lives, as does its absence.


  1. LOL trust us Brits to go down the non excessive route ;o)

  2. lol, just thinking of all the colonies brits had around the world, and then laughing at the statement you said.